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About Business Minded

Business Minded was created in 2019 by Chris Race, he wanted to help people understand that investing and business is no longer only available to the rich Wall Street bigwigs with fancy degrees. Everyone can enjoy a little extra cash by investing smartly, utilising online education, and implementing platforms to guide them down the right path.

No matter your age, school grades or technical ability you can gain an advantage on your peers by learning about finance and investing.

About Me

I am a trained accountant who has and still does work as an accountant in the UK. I was taught the importance of financial planning and money management from my boss and I took it one step further. Alongside 1 year of college and online courses I started to learn about stock market investing, real estate, business building and side income generation. After learning all I could, I started to accrue wealth through careful, planned and steady investing across a wide medium of vehicles.

I am privileged with knowledge and I believe everyone should have the chance to learn, so I will passing on how I created my income streams, and how you can create your own.

The main topics I cover on this website are the following: Business development and growth, Stock market investing, Social media marketing, Productivity, and Entrepreneurship. Whether you are a small business owner, a beginner in the world of stocks & shares, or looking to make a side income in your spare time, please read through my stories, advice, and recommendations.

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