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9 Essential Email Templates That Will Increase Your Sales

Publish Date: 24 Jan 2020

Email marketing is complex. From planning to execution to measurement, there are tons of things you need to build an effective strategy. Even producing one piece of email content requires several steps:

  • The idea
  • Writing subject lines
  • Customising pre-header text
  • Crafting the body of the email
  • Design
  • Adding tracking codes
  • Editing and review
  • Selecting email list segments
  • Scheduling delivery time
  • Hitting send
  • Reviewing performance data
  • Reporting

That is quite a lot to think about. So it’s good you stumbled across Business Minded. To help you work as efficiently and effectively as possible, we have included in this article, our top 9 email templates that generate sales of our info products, online courses, and merchandise.

First you need to get some subscribers, check out our 7 Steps To Grow Your Business's Email List: From 0 To 1,000 Subscribers!

Plus we cover all the tools and software we use, some of which come at a cost, but most are free.

Email Marketing Data


With that said, lets dive into number 1…


#1 - The ‘Welcome to the party’ email

This template is more of a retainer email, you probably won’t be selling anything on this email, but in my opinion it is the most important email to get right.

Imagine someone signs up to your email list, whether you’ve offered a freebie on arrival or they have bought something already. You need to welcome them in with open arms and make them feel like an insider.

If you don’t write this email correctly, or you use poor language, you could be missing out on an opportunity to retain your subscribers and convert more customers.

Brands that present their welcome emails as coming from a real person of their team experience a 27% higher unique click rate. 74% of email marketers state that personalised emails increase customer engagement, and drive up to 6 times more transactional clicks on average.

Monday Email

This email from is a perfect example of a personal welcome email (He even added a video)

Don’t worry if you don’t have a video, you can write down what your business stands for and what you want to achieve through your emails.

“Only 57.7% of brands send welcome emails to new subscribers or customers, yet on average, welcome emails generate up to 320% more revenue than other promotional emails because they simulate the customer to investigate” - Invespcro


#2 - The ‘Case study’ email

89% of marketers report that case studies are one of their top 5 most effective types of content.

The reason they work so well for sales is that they build trust with both hot and cold audiences. They are social proof. People can see that you have gathered measurable data from other customers, that shows results they want.

The only trouble with case studies is that people don’t always seek them out. The average person spends less than a minute on a typical website. If they bounce away from your case study it means they either didn’t want to read it, or it doesn’t answer their question.

Case studies don’t need to be long and complex, they just need to showcase a benefit that is directly as a result of your product. Depending on the product, a simple review from a trusted customer would do.

A great example of a full case study email is Andrew Warner’s from Mixergy, which you can read in full here! Or if you don’t have the customer base to perform a case study, something like this should help you gain a bit more traffic:

Marketing Pro Email


You can either put a full case study in an email or link to one, this would depend on how active your email list is. But try mixing things up every now and then but adding video reports, testimonials, or pictures of review.


#3 - The ‘Social media campaign’ email

A landing page or email blast is not the only way to sell to your existing audience. With the improvement of business tools used in social media, your sales funnel could start at your Facebook page. Pinterest and Instagram even have buy buttons on their posts, sending customers straight to the check out page.

In fact, Pinterest has released a statement saying 93% of its users use the social platform to make purchases, and that Pinterest drives close to 25% of all retail sales worldwide through advertising and direct sales.

During the month of March in 2019, more than 140 instagrammers used the app to engage with a single business in some way. Whether it be a purchase, enquiry, or a follow.

Your email blasts don’t need to always point back to your website. You can diversify your content by offering readers an opportunity to discover a new social media page, much like what The Container Store has done below.

Bed Bath and Beyond

92% of consumers trust a referral from a friend on social media. These people are 4 times more likely to make a purchase from a brand that is recommended to them on social platforms.

It’s important to show some humor in these emails, to make people feel happy about following your social pages. With a clean design, funny writing, and a share button, it’s win-win.

These emails are also very easy to automate.


#4 - The ‘Free offer’ email

People love to get emails that day 30% off. But there is something they like better… Here is a free gift from us.

It may sound counterproductive to give a product or service away for free studies have shown it increases brand loyalty, customer reviews, and even improves sales by 75%.

A free offer could be a small product or free trial for a subscription. A downloadable pdf is a great example of this, it is easy to produce, quick to deliver, and has no overhead costs to keep running.

This method is actually quite smart, if the product is good and worthy of purchase in the first place. Once you have given someone a taste of your product, when they come back for more, they won’t mind paying, because they know that it’s a good quality service.

Zapier is a great example of this technique. They offer a free training session online that showcases what you can do with Zapier and how well it works, the customer gets to see how good the product actually is, then can decide if they want to purchase it later.

My favourite example of a free offer email is from AirBound. They combine the social email with a free offer.

Airbound Email

A free service for 2 months… It’s social proof… And an incentive to get a friend to sign up to AirBound. This is truly a great email with reach beyond their existing email list.

This a simple email, offer something for free in the hopes of retaining customers and generating new revenue. But it only works if your product is of good quality and benefits someone.


#5 - The ‘Re-engagement’ email

You probably know by now that email marketing has a positive impact on your sales. But what happens when your subscribers start to drop off? You have to re-engage them somehow.

A re-engagement specific email is perfect for that. It’s simple, easy to write, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Here is an example from Dropbox:

Dropbox Email

It’s short and to the point: We haven’t seen you in a while.

This type of email is most common for monthly subscription services, or a membership based business model. The email should be triggered based on the users behaviour, if they haven’t logged in, or used their account in a while, a quick email might remind them what they are missing out on.

The best thing about these emails is that they work. After a recent re-engagement campaign, Precision Marketing Group successfully re-engaged 12% of the contacts they targeted, and their overall CTR increased by 50%.

Some of the best re-engagement emails have a sense of humor or heart brokenness about them, but if you are an online retailer or affiliate marketer, you could offer a discounted product or free trial to a software you represent.


#6 - The ‘Subscriber offer only’ email

Your customers are at different stages of the buyer's journey. You first-time website visitors might need more information before purchasing a product, whereas a special discount code might work better on a prospect who is already on your email list.

Give your subscribers the right incentives, that don’t cost your business to much, and you’ll not only turn them into customers, but also brand advertisers.

Monki knows how to kick off a subscriber only offer email:

Monki Email


Monki Email

Using eye catching pictures and text not only attracts the subscriber to read the email, but also allows them to focus on the offer that is specifically for them.

One of the best features to this email is the use of the hashtag #monkistyle. It directly links to Instagram where you can see real people wearing Monki products, it creates a great sense of social proof, and instills a trust in the brand.

This might be a simple way to get more sales from warm traffic, but you don’t want to reduce the perceived value of your products. Choose the way you market carefully to ensure it doesn’t look like a ‘going out of business sale’. If you want, you could choose different incentives such as free shipping or samples.


#7 - The ‘Product launch’ email

New product releases are very exciting. But more importantly, you want them to go well, so you need to evoke curiosity to engage your email list, so your brand is at the forefront of their mind.

With the right promotional email, you can give your new product or service a boost from day 1. Here’s an example from Casper, the mattress manufacturer.

Casper Email


Casper Email

In this email, Casper positions it’s new mattress as a groundbreaking product. You need to instill the same feeling in your email, but on top of that, you need to go the extra mile. Explain how valuable your customers are, and the reason behind creating this groundbreaking product was to help them. This type of promotion will cement yourself in their minds as a trustworthy brand.

With this method, you might want to give your email subscribers first dibs, get their opinion of the product before you go live to the wider market. After all, these people are supposed to be your fans, why wouldn’t they leave glowing reviews.


#8 - The ‘New arrival’ email

This is an addon to the product launch email. Product launches don’t happen everyday, so to keep people interested in merchandise you do offer, create campaigns that allows them to be first inline to grab new stock that rolls in the door.

Again this type of email is for businesses that offer a physical product, you want customers to be excited when a delivery of your best selling product comes into the warehouse.

Offering small incentives such as, brand new stock or free shipping can keep stock flying off the shelf. A very simple email just needs to say… This just in, our best selling product [Name] just got delivered to the warehouse. Act now before they’re all gone!


#9 - The ‘Seasonal Sale’ email

Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or whatever holiday you just made up… There’s always a holiday around the corner waiting for you to take advantage of.

Seasonal campaigns not only attract new customers to your online store, but also excite and engage existing subscribers, which leads to retention of customer base and more sales.

Every business should offer some sort of holiday sale, whether it’s a free month of gym membership in January, or a discounted e-course on Christmas. They don’t need to be big discounts, or even holiday related items, as long as you’re telling your customers… ‘Thank you for supporting us’.

This is an email I found from PooPourri which is focused on giving Christmas gifts:

Christmas Email

This is not extravagant, but it is effective. Sometimes, retailers will hold seasonal sales just to get rid of stock that is left once the season is over.




Email marketing is quickly becoming the most popular advertising scheme businesses around the globe are using. It’s quick, easy, and cheap if you have the right provider.

We use Aweber for our mailing list. The tools on Aweber allow us to create great emails because they have over 700 templates to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of Aweber’s features against the market leader:

Aweber Features


Aweber Features




You can start your email marketing journey right here with a 30 day free trial, then if you like Aweber as much as we do, you can start the paid subscription that includes all the features outlined above for $19/month.


If email marketing isn't your style, you can check out our 10 Online Marketing Hacks That Work For Any Business!


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