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How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Your Website

Publish Date: 28 Oct 2019

Google Adsense regularly declines people from showing ads on their websites. This is because people follow the eligibility requirements and that’s it! You need to do your research and make sure your site is safe, secure, and ready to show ads. In the following I’ll tell you the basic requirements, the hidden factors that stop some websites from qualifying, and the best process to sign up.

Google does a manual review... which can take a while!

The Google Adsense review is done manually by a person, it is not an algorithm. This is why it can take up to two weeks to be approved, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get an immediate response. I’ve seen lots of people after 3 days of waiting change something on their site, or change their hosting provider, or even cancel their Adsense application and start over. Doing these things is a waste of time and energy, it only extends the period of review.

What you need to understand is someone will be clicking around your website and reading your content, they will be reading your articles, analysing your source code, and then deciding if it provides high quality value to the reader while also following the guidelines for friendly content.

What are Google's eligibility requirements?

There are three main requirements Google asks you to follow before you can even sign up for Adsense.

  • Do you have your own content created from scratch?
  • Does your content comply with the AdSense Program policies?
  • Are you at least 18 years old?

The most important one to comply with is the Adsense program policy, once your website breaks this requirement Google will be very hesitant to allow you access again in the future. To read the policies in depth head over to Google’s Program Policy here. Also you have to have a Gmail account before you sign up.

7 Things to do before applying

  • Write high quality content

This is the number one thing to do before applying for Adsense. Google loves websites that produce high quality content that attracts traffic. Also keep in mind that Google employ a person to review your site, so they have to enjoy it.

  • Create a privacy policy page

You might think you don’t need a privacy policy but you do. Google will disallow your site if you don’t have one, so it is something to think about. I believe it also makes your website appear more professional.

  • Set up a contact page

Let Google know you care about your visitors by allowing them to email their questions and problems. This is also a great way to rank higher as Google prefers responsive websites over ones that don’t communicate with the audience.

  • Have an easy navigation menu

Google mention in rejection emails that a website does not have clear pathways to major pages within the site. This is why in your navigation menu you should include links to all major pages and categories such as your contact and latest updates.

  • Remove other ad networks

Google Adsense does not support the use of other ad networks when the application process is going forward. You may have other ads showing once Google has accepted your application however to get approved your site must be ad free.

  • Check your traffic sources

Google dislikes websites that get paid traffic, they will not allow you to earn Adsense money from paid traffic, also they will penalise you by dropping you from ranking in search. So focus on real traffic driven from search engines, social media or related blogs.

  • Make sure you’re old enough

Google only allows people over the age of 18 to apply to Adsense because they will be receiving money, also don’t lie about your age, because Google knows everything! To get around this you can get a parent or guardian permission and list them as the Adsense earner.

Once you’ve been accepted

Now it’s time to choose what ad types and formats you want for your site. Read all about the different ones here. Once you’ve made your decision it’s time to paste the code into your site, you need access to your sites dashboard on your hosting site. Choose what pages you want the ads to appear on (if you want them on every page, then paste the code into your homepage). Within 3 hours your ads should be live, but it can take longer. Remove any other ad systems as it may interfere with setting up.

Once that’s done you’ll start earning money!

Once you start earning and reach their threshold (usually around $10), then you will receive a notification that you need to verify your address. A code will be sent to your home address and you will need to input this code into your Google Adsense account. This can take a few weeks. Once this is done they will be able to pay you once you hit the highest threshold (around $70).


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