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How You Can Make $2,000 Fast: 10 Ways to Boost Your Bank Balance

Publish Date: 05 Jul 2021

Realising your financial goals is not always easy, especially when you earn a fixed salary that is barely enough to cover your expenses and day-to-day life. It is almost necessary for most people to find an extra stream of income, and for a lot of people, this means taking on a second job. However, that might not be necessary if you know how to make extra money on your own.

Even if you are not currently employed and desperately seek to make a thousand or two thousand dollars quickly, it is achievable. With that said, you do want to avoid falling into traps where people are offering get rich quick schemes, and for that reason, some of the things in this article might take more than two or three weeks for you to see $2,000 in your bank account. However, it is still a way to get that money in there.

#1. Buy and Sell New and Used good

The buying and selling of new or used goods is often called "flipping." Even though this list is not in any particular order, we decided to add this section first because I know people who make a lot of money flipping items. In fact, for some, it has become their entire business.

What's excellent about flipping items is you can literally start flipping minor items and work your way up to larger ones. This obviously depends on your budget. You can either flip new or used goods. 

To flip new goods, you could go to a retail store that sells name-brand items. Think of shoes or watches. Let's say you see a pair of shoes, and it says 60% off. Scan the barcode for those shoes and see how much they are selling online for. Remember, You will compete against used goods, so you want to check those prices and then add a few dollars to yours because yours is new. Whatever you do, make sure that you are going to make a profit.

Selling used products is sometimes a lot easier than used goods because it is less risky. There are plenty of sources that you can use to find used goods. Here is my list:

  • Facebook marketplace: An excellent way to start is to select a certain radius, look for items; when you find one, check the lowest and highest price in your radius. Check other sites for a general price, and make your offer.
  • Craigslist: While it may not seem relevant anymore, it is still worth a shot.
  • eBay: The biggest problem with eBay is most people are also flipping, but sometimes you can still find good deals.
  • Letgo: While it is still relatively new, the mobile app makes it easy to be a buyer or seller.

Please remember to take precautions when using any of these sites.

#2. Start a Digital Marketing Agency

This one might seem complex, but it is actually rather simple. All it takes is a little bit of time and savvy. To start a digital marketing agency, you need to learn how ads work. For this, you want to learn how Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and other small ad networks operate.

After that, you need to choose whether or not you are going to design the actual ads. Remember, some small companies prefer to use their ads, and they need you to run the campaigns. However, some people will expect you to design the ad and run their campaigns. There are great tutorials online that teach you how to use platforms such as Canva to make ads that stand out.

Once you are comfortable with your marketing abilities, you would need to start advertising your business online. Luckily you would have learned how to use online ad services. You can also use services such as Upwork, Fiverr or promote yourself in Facebook groups. Remember, if you use Fiverr, it will take a long time to reach $2,000, so I recommend Upwork if they accept you. However, going solo means more profit.

This is a great one to start in your spare time and with little to zero start up costs. The only resources you might need are:

#3. Design CVs

Designing professional CVs is something that you can learn to do in a relatively short amount of time. All you have to do is use Google to find out which CVs are doing the best and which format has a higher success rate in grabbing the attention of employers. Times change, and you will have to adapt if you want to design CVs that are relevant.

Once you have got all that information, you can start putting ads in your local newspaper or even hang up little flyers around job centres. Also, you could advertise online, and who knows, maybe you get a few clients. Facebook buy and sell groups are great for self-promotion. You could also look for groups that focused on your local area.

Again, you can use a program like Canva. It has all the tools you need to create professional-looking CVs. In fact, you might just be transferring information from a client's current CV to a fresh-looking one. If so, you could be doing multiple CVs a day.

#4. Use Your Vehicle

There are several ways that you can use your vehicle to generate extra income. Firstly, you can register with the rental agency to rent your vehicle out at certain times of the day. If you do not do a lot of traveling for work, you can rent the vehicle out for a day or two at a time. 

If you are not working, you can request to drive for Uber. You can also do this part-time. However, you won't make as much money as you would if you drove for them full-time. With that being said, even if it is a part-time gig, you can generate a few hundred dollars a month. Yep, just by driving for Uber for a few hours a day, you can make a pretty penny.

If you drive a pickup truck, well, things get a lot better for you because you can start putting out advertisements to do rubble removal and all sorts of things. Doing this should generate a few hundred dollars a month or, if you get enough work, it could generate a few thousand dollars per month.

#5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is quite controversial, and before you even start, I need to warn you that many people fail at dropshipping. There are also a lot of people who succeed, so; it might be worth a shot. Dropshipping is where you build a website, find a product from a supplier from dropshipping catalogs, and list the items you want to sell.

Once someone orders a product, you order it from the supplier, pay them, and the supplier ships it to the client's address. 

The truth is, dropshipping does work to some extent. However, you need to find that product that sets you apart from everyone else, or you can use your genius digital marketing experience to make the same product stand out more than your competitor.

To make dropshipping work, you will need to have some starting capital. This amount depends on what you are going to be selling. You also need to factor in your advertising money. Facebook seems to be the best place for advertising everyday products.

#6. Upwork Freelancing

I know many people who freelance on Upwork. The thing is, with Upwork,  getting in can sometimes seem rather daunting. A lot of people freelance on this platform, so, therefore, they have to reject a lot of applications. If the application is too generic, in other words, they already have too many freelancers in that line of work, you will most likely be rejected.

The most common type of freelancer on Upwork is freelance writers. Now, before you start to think you should do something different, it is essential to remember that the reason for this is that many people need writing work done, so if you have some writing experience, try Upwork.

However, before you do, make sure you read this article as we will go a little bit more in-depth into freelance writing, and there is information that you have to know before you try and get started.

#7. Look For Garage Sales

Garage sales are a great way to make a profit on the weekends. A lot of people have a lot of valuable items that they don't even fully understand. These items come in different shapes and forms. Something as simple as a coffee mug could be worth up to $10, and you could pick it up for 50 cents. That is just an example.

People want to get rid of this stuff. They don't look into the value of what they are selling, so let's say you find a toy made in 1998. With enough information about that toy, you could do a quick search to see what the cheapest one is selling for online.

Once you go to enough garage sales, you will learn the value of certain types of items. This means that you will start to make more and more profit as time goes on.

If you have enough time, you could do extensive research on products that you buy. The critical thing to remember is that you need to determine whether or not you can look for the sales, buy the products, research, package, and sell the items efficiently. You do not want to spend too much time on one hustle.

#8. Work for Door dash at Night

The average annual salary for a Doordash driver is around $36,000, or around $3,000 per month. Remember, most deliveries are done at night, so Doordash is perfect if you have a full-time job but with some spare time at night. 

On your first month driving part-time, you can earn approximately $1,500 to $2,000. It may not seem like the most extravagant line of work but remember making money is making money, and at the end of the day, an extra $2,000 in your bank account can go a long way to realizing your financial goals.

#9. Freelance Writing

Ok, there is a lot to cover here. Freelance writing may seem like a saturated market. However, you won't believe the number of people that need writing done. This could be copywriting, content writing or technical, and much more. It is important to remember that you should not try and jump into copywriting immediately as some people require at least a marketing diploma.

For content writing, all you need to do is think about what you are good at, what in this world you fully understand, and start writing about it. You can look for jobs in a variety of places. The first thing you need to do I build a website and add some content to it as a portfolio.

While you wait for clients, there is a website called Medium. It is almost like YouTube for writers. There's a small registration process; however, it is not very strict. The owner of Twitter created Medium as a way to monetise writing for people, and you could write about just about anything on this platform.

If you want some guidance on how to write meaningful articles that drive traffic please get in touch at admin@biz-minded.com and I can give you my blog post recipe.

Once you have written your article, you have to wait for people to read it. Sometimes Medium will put your articles on the front page, and for any subscriber that reads your article, you get a small portion of the money. However, that is not where the big bucks are.

Once you have written a few articles, you can start applying to publications, and if one of them accepts you, even one or two of the articles, you can start making up to $2,000 per article every two months.

#10. Start several Instagram accounts

Well, this isn't a "make $2000 quickly" method. However, if you are clever about the way you go about it, you can end up making $2000 regularly just by spending 45 minutes every day running several Instagram accounts. If that sounds daunting, keep reading because there is a trick.

So, think of an industry that you like. Think of your hobbies. If you can channel your hobbies, great. It will be easy for you to understand the content you are going to be posting, and this will have a deeper connection with your audience, and they will respond better to your posts.

You can create your content, or you can repost other people's content and give them credit. Once your page gets a certain amount of followers, you can sell that page as long as the engagement is proportional to your amount of followers. If you have 100,000 followers but only five likes on each post, nobody will buy your Instagram account.

To make sure you are consistent, you can use 3rd party web apps that allow you to schedule all of your posts across all of your accounts.

Final thoughts

Having a side hustle can change your life. It can help you generate income that can significantly assist you with your financial goals. Think about it, $2000 per month for one year is enough to put down a deposit on a house. It can also help pay off loans and even pay your rent.

$2000 also goes a long way if you're looking to start an online business. Not only can it help you register for courses, but it can also act as a bit of starting capital that you need for most side houses today. I know that this article didn't cover how to make $2000 in a day, but if I'm honest with you, making that money in a day, two days, or even a week can be challenging.

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