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E-Courses are great for anyone, whether you want to learn business, stock market investing, or something different like songwriting. I have purchased good courses and bad courses, some scam artists like to sell a course for $500 and claim they know how to make you a millionaire. I have been fooled before and probably will be in the future so don’t worry if you have as well.

I love reviewing courses so here that’s exactly what you’ll find; I do not recommend courses I haven’t already done, or been a part of. Most courses you will be able to check out yourself on sites like Udemy, or others I will link to a free webinar where the creator will inform you on what to expect.

You will also find some online webinars and courses made by me and the team here at Business Minded.

How to find a good investment

Made by Ryan Scribner, one of the most well known personal finance experts on YouTube.

You can check the course out here.

Based on the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Ryan goes into what the fundamentals of a good investment are and how to spot them. He basically tells you how to start in the stock market and the steps to follow before investing for the first time.

Social media for business strategy

Created by the Oxford Learning Lab and uploaded to Udemy.

Find it here.

On this course you will learn the basics of creating a social media procedure and how to implement it. This course delves into what good results look like and how to get them by studying your audience and producing content that is relevant at important times. The final step of this course is how to convert your audience into leads, then leads into customers.


Income School's Project 24

Jim and Ricky have been online entrepreneurs for most of their adult life, they helped me start this website and monetise it through affiliate marketing. Income School is Jim and Ricky's business and they have helped thousands of people generate side income from passive and active niche sites. I can only talk about how great I think this course is, so here is a link to the Project 24 Webinar where Jim will walk you through what you can expect once you enrol on the course.

I'll let you in on a secret, I started this course in October 2019, and I had made enough money to pay for the course again by January 2020. You can search reviews on Google and YouTube where other Project 24 members have left wonderful reviews and breakdowns of what income they were able to make by listening to every word Jim and Ricky say.

I am affiliate with Project 24 so if you like what you here I would be more than thankful if you use my link to sign up: Income School's Project 24!