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Most Efficient for Email Marketing: Sendinblue

Why you should get Sendinblue: Basically Sendinblue has 95% of the features of its competitors for a ⅕ of the price. The vast majority of businesses with small email lists pay for very high subscriptions. Start your free Sendinblue account right here!

We love the secret weapons that Sendinblue has, such as the full-feature marketing tool that allows you to set up a campaign to go out based on your customers prior actions. Before spending cash on an expensive service, decide what you need and how you’re going to use email marketing. If you include the landing page creator and Facebook ad manager, you have all your media for getting customers in one place.

What’s the catch: Sendinblues subscription tier is based on emails that you send not the size of your list, so if you are mass sending emails it might not be the best option. However Sendinblue is the best option for small businesses.

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Our Top Pick for Email Marketing: Aweber

Best Aweber Features

  • Management tools: AWeber has everything you need to create and manage any marketing campaigns that you might use AWeber for.

  • Tracking: With Aweber, you can track all your analytics, including stats such as how many people open your email and how many people click on your links. These types of reports can give you crucial insight into the success of your campaign.
  • Over 100 templates: Because Aweber has a variety of templates, you can focus on what is essential, and that is running your campaign and your eCommerce site. The templates are beautiful, and using them can help you create captivating campaigns.
  • Tagging: remember, you can see who your clients are, and Aweber allows you to tag clients just in case you want to mark them down as VIP. This will enable you to target specific clients with specific campaigns.
  • Free stock images: To make your email campaign stand out, AWeber has a selection of free stock images that you can use to create emails that connect with your subscriber base.
  • Customer segmentation: Segmenting your subscriber base allows you to create even more specific emails that target each segment of your subscriber base. You might have to learn more about your subscribers before you can successfully segment them in a way that allows you to send more successful marketing campaigns to their inboxes.
  • Automated follow-ups: With automated follow-ups, you can send your subscriber base to where they need to go if they need any questions answered. Having this automated for you removes a lot of stress from your day, and it also means you don't need to pay someone to do so in most cases.
  • Ecommerce plugins: Finally, one of the best features is the number of plugins that AWeber has for your e-commerce site. Any number that we give you might be inaccurate, so we will refrain from doing so. This is because AWeber constantly adds new plugins to make your life and your website as efficient as possible.

Have a look at our specific article where we discuss Aweber even further.

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