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Our Top Pick: Loomly

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Why should you get Loomly: Loomly is by far the most well rounded software on our list, it combines content creation and management, with advanced analytics and multi-account post planner. You can organize and schedule posts for up to 20 social media accounts at once and watch them automatically publish. This feature is also available for adverts you want to run.

You can create adverts effortlessly with keyword filters, targeted marketing, and engagement trackers. Just create the ad for any social media account you want, set a budget and post it. It's as easy as that. Then once you've got some data test what does well and what needs work. Also get some help from the 24/7 support online that offers optimization tips. Start your Free Trail Now!


What Loomly could do better: The only problem with Loomly is the fact you can't track who your customers are, if you convert a person from a post to go to your website, it tracks the person but gives no information about who they are or what demographic there are in.

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The Best Analytics Tool: Hootsuite

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Pros of Hootsuite: Hootsuite is probably the most known social media software on the market. It has the capability for you create, post and track content on the web platform. It has some of the most sophisticated analytic tools I've seen used for social media, with engagement trackers across almost all social platforms, the ability to create personalised reports so you only see what you want, and capabilities to calculate the return on investment of ad campaigns based on conversions.

You can start a 30 day free trail, and there is also a free version of the complete software right here.


Cons of Hootsuite: This is the most expensive recommendation we make and is not really suitable for newbies in the world of social media marketing. Hootsuite has somewhat hidden costs, they don't tell you about the add-ons you'll need to get exactly what you want. Although the basic plan is good, to gather complete data you'll need an advanced upgrade. Also with the upgrades, comes a steeper learning curve.

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