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Top Pick for New Sites: Bluehost 

Why we recommend Bluehost: Bluehost is the best host for any new website. Their platform is easy to navigate and they have live online customer support which is available 24 hours a day. Also they offer very cheap plans, you can start your website from as little as $4/month, but only if you use our special discount link right here!

If you are using WordPress I would not recommend a better host for a start up site. On most hosting companies, you are faced with complicated settings you need to sort through before you can access the WordPress interface. With Bluehost those issues disappear, they give full tutorials and walk through videos for new users.

What could Bluehost do better: From reading the reviews and doing research with my colleagues we have found that they could improve their site speed. Bluehost's reliability is second to none, however when the website starts to pull large traffic (over 25,000 pageviews/month) the speed of your site can become an issue, this is when I recommend moving over to another host such as WPX or WPEngine.

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Top Pick for Established Sites: WPX Hosting 

Why we recommend WPX: If your website uses a lot of bandwidth WPX is an inexpensive solution, it is also freakishly fast, easy to use, and has perfect customer support.

WPX is fairly priced, WPEngine is a more expensive version. But for an established site the cost should not be a problem. If you’re still a relatively new site, Bluehost is the way to go. Check out the latest updates on the WPX Site

What could WPX do better: Price is the ONLY drawback when considering WPX or WPEngine, both of their cheapest plans are 10x the price of Bluehost. WPX does have a micro plan for new or intermediate websites, which you can check out here. But I would stick to Bluehost, this option is just too pricey and is not a smart expense to take on when you don’t have enough traffic.

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